Additional Services

In addition to property sales, at Puerto Vallarta Villas we offer other services such as property management, maintenance services, and concierge. Our additional services packages adapt to your needs and to those of your property to make sure that it is always in perfect condition, and that you always have the best care provided by the best professionals.

Property Management

With our partnership with one of the best property management company, we can ensure that your property is always in perfect condition. Whether you’re looking to rent it or enjoy it yourself with your loved ones, we will take care of facilitating its management, repairs, and basic maintenance. We know that you can not always be present, so we strive to make sure that when you or someone else visits your property, you can count on us to make sure that everything is taken care of as if you were always there.

Proud to introduce our management partner MexiTravels,

Basic package

  • Utility bills (Gas, water, electricity, trash)
  • TV and/or Internet bill
  • Security if applicable
  • Insurance
  • Owner’s association dues
  • Property Taxes and Trust – if applicable
  • Monthly reports of all accounting
  • Listing of property and general advertising on our website and partners (on request)
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Deluxe package

  • Includes all items in Standard package
  • Supervision of staff if required
  • Inspect property weekly (see schedule of inspection) with reports to Owner/Mgr
  • Supervise any projects including bid acquisitions
  • Supervision of all maintenance needs
  • Pre and Post vacation greeting upon request (Greet guests at the property, handle keys if applicable, tour property, deliver local news paper and/or magazines, offer concierge services when required; see guests at departure).
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Scheduled inspections

(varies upon property criteria; not limited to)

  • Interior, exterior routine construction and maintenance supervision (as required)
  • Maid, Cook and gardener or other possible Staff
  • Pool maintenance and routine repairs
  • Pest control / Fumigation.
  • Interior, exterior Painting & routine Reparations
  • Interior, exterior plants
  • Landscape and Trash removal
  • Doors and windows
  • Air out property
  • Check lighting throughout
  • Air conditions
  • Basic plumbing, leaks, etc.
  • Post storm inspection and reparation (per agreement)
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Labor Services

Our labor service is focused on facilitating your vacation. We do not want you to worry about basic activities, but instead enjoy your vacation time with your loved ones. These packages include all kinds of maintenance, cooking, and service. All are available at an affordable rate.

Consult our labor services rates

Service Description Rate
Maid Services $40.00 USD per day approx.
Houseman Services $50.00 USD per day approx.
Cook $60.00 USD per shift approx.
Chef $80.00 USD per shift approx.
Server $40.00 USD per shift approx.
Gardener $50.00 USD per day approx.

Concierge Services

Banderas Bay Concierge is very pleased to partner with Puerto Vallarta Villas and offer our guests Concierge Services in Puerto Vallarta. We know the difficulties in arrangements for future rentals. This service has originally been created to assist the owners with rentals, and also help them when visiting their own home. Remember, Banderas Bay Concierge Service is complimentary, guests simply pay for services rendered.

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