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Here is a brief overview of the Puerto Vallarta real estate market during the second quarter (Q2) of 2023:

Impressive Sales Growth: The market saw a significant upswing, with gross sales in the Puerto Vallarta real estate sector surging by a remarkable 14% compared to the preceding quarter. This achievement marked a consistent upward trajectory, extending over three consecutive quarters.

Average Price Per Sale Soars: The surge in sales growth was achieved with a similar number of transactions as the previous quarter. However, in Q1, the average sales price was $420,000, but in Q2, it escalated to an impressive $481,000, reflecting a substantial 12% increase, the highest average sales price ever recorded in the region.

Supply and Demand: These statistics underline the ongoing challenge of a tight real estate market in Puerto Vallarta, indicated by a demand for housing that surpasses available supply. Another clear sign of a tight market is when the difference between the listed price and the actual sale price decreases. Traditionally, this gap ranged from 8-10%, but in the current quarter, it has reduced significantly to 4.5%. Many properties now fetch their listed prices or even exceed them, highlighting the competitive nature of the Puerto Vallarta real estate market.

– Popular Regions: In terms of popularity based on the number of sales, Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit maintained their positions as the top-selling areas, followed by Central Vallarta and the South Shore. Neighborhoods behind the Hotel Zone, such as Versalles, Fluvial, and Las Gaviotas, have been gaining increased favor among buyers due to their affordability, reflected in a lower average sales price.

Currency Exchange Dynamics: Over the past two years, the Mexican peso appreciated significantly, with the exchange rate dipping to less than 17 pesos to the dollar in July 2023, a rise of over 40% within 28 months.

Implications for National and American Buyers and Sellers: For Mexican nationals, the strengthening peso has created challenges for those investing in Puerto Vallarta real estate, with property prices usually valued in USD. On the other hand, American sellers have benefitted from the peso’s appreciation, as it affects how gains are recorded in pesos when they sell their properties. This change in dynamics has turned the tables in favor of American sellers.

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