International Charro 2023

Puerto Vallarta will host this year’s 11th National Charro Championship. Forty teams of charros from all over Mexico and the United States will gather at the Arena Vallarta facilities from January 31 to February 5. 

The festivities will begin with a charro parade and customary Mexican street party (verbena de tradiciones Mexicanas) at Los Arcos Malecón in Puerto Vallarta. During the evening, a Xiutla Folkloric ballet performance will entertain thousands of residents and visitors enjoying the fun-packed event.  

The party will also feature traditional Mexican cuisine, charro flourishing rope demonstrations, live music, music, and dance. 

Mexican Charrería

Charrería is a sporting discipline carried out on horseback that incorporates equestrian activities and traditional forms of livestock. Originally from the States of Hadilgo and Jalisco, charrería has become one of the most representative traditions in Mexico. In 1933 it was named the national sport of Mexico by presidential decree. 

During charro shows (known as charreadas), skilled horsemen and women showcase livestock herding skills such as roping and reining using wild mares and bulls. Traditional charro clothing is worn, including closely fitted trousers (long skirts for women), chaps, boots, and a wide-brim sombrero, all decorated with embroidered patterns or Aztec motifs.  

The final demonstration of the charreadas is called The Skirmish (or Escaramuza in Spanish), a women’s precision equestrian event. During this year’s National Charro Championships in Puerto Vallarta, 24 skirmish teams, 12 from the United States, will compete for a monetary prize.

Arena Vallarta

The 11th National Charro Championships is again being held in the Arena Vallarta at Hacienda Serena, just a short drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The arena has the capacity to seat almost 8000 spectators, with tickets for the spectacular event expected to sell out quickly. One lucky ticket holder will be the winner of a new car at the event prize draw.

During the event, bus transportation from the hotel zone to and from Hacienda Serena is available, with ample parking for those wishing to travel by car. And with thousands of visitors expected to travel for the event, hotels and private vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta are anticipated to be busy.

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