Notary Public for Real Estate in Mexico

With over 6 million arrivals in 2022, Puerto Vallarta International Airport broke all previous records. The municipal and broader area of Banderas Bay has never been more popular, with tourists from home and abroad flocking to the Mexican pacific coast for sun, sea, and glorious adventure.  

As a result, the Puerto Vallarta real estate market is booming, with North American and overseas investors looking to add a slice of paradise to their property portfolio. 

The popularity of the housing market is fantastic news for homeowners, buyers, and sellers. However, there are also pitfalls, and using a professional realtor, such as Puerto Vallarta Villas, is essential when seeking advice for real estate investments and legal proceedings. 

When buying or selling a property in Mexico, you will also have to hire the services of a Notary Public.

Using A Notary Public 

Under Mexican law, when buying or selling a property, the deed to the property must be prepared and processed by a Notary Public for any sale to proceed. The Notary Public will advise the purchaser of any issues or liabilities related to the intended purchase. 

What Is A Notary Public In Mexico?

In Mexico, a Notary Public is an experienced attorney with over three or more years working in a Public Notary office. They must be a Mexican citizen and pass an exam. 

A Notary Public is appointed by the office of the state Governor. Their role is to provide legal advice where necessary and to sign and verify the following documents: 

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Company deeds
  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates
  • Banking, insurance, and bonding documents
  • Register properties in the Public Registry of Property

Hiring A Notary Public In Puerto Vallarta

When hiring a Notary Public, you must carry out your research. Several Notaries work within the Bay of Banderas area, and by hiring a Notary Public with a good reputation, you can avoid delays or complications during the exchange of deeds. Your real estate agent can also advise you during this process.

Puerto Vallarta Villas Real Estate

With the purchase and sale of Puerto Vallarta condos and properties at an all-time high, buyers and sellers should hire the services of a professional realtor and Notary Public. At Puerto Vallarta Villas, our team of knowledgeable agents can talk you through the entire process of purchasing a home from start to finish. We also showcase some of the best homes, apartments, and condos in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area. 

When purchasing Puerto Vallarta real estate, hiring a Notary Public is a legal requirement necessary to complete the process. Contact us for more information. Call for an appointment today, or visit our website to view our portfolio of properties. 

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