Puerto Vallarta International Airport: A NET Zero Smart Building


Puerto Vallarta International Airport: A NET Zero Smart Building.

From January to July 2022, Mexico welcomed 36 million international tourists. In Puerto Vallarta, over 3 million travelers visited the city, soaring by almost 40% against pre-pandemic levels. 

As visitors continue in record numbers, expansion to the city’s international airport has begun in earnest, with funding allocated to the development surpassing 7 billion Mexican pesos. Additional parking, security, baggage inspection points, commercial areas including shopping and duty-free, restaurants, runway re-development, and a new terminal with an area of over 62,000 square meters are all in the pipeline.

Carbon Footprint

While aviation has long been in the spotlight for the impact of climate change and global warming, the industry has been working on carbon management to reduce the detrimental effect world travel has on the planet. And with an operational date of 2024, the new Puerto Vallarta airport terminal will be the first in Latin America to have its carbon emissions certified as NET Zero.

What Is A NET Zero Smart Building

To become a NET Zero airport, the new terminal building in Puerto Vallarta will implement several measures to decarbonize buildings, including energy savings of 40.78% and drinking water savings of 58.3%. Solar panels will also be added to the new and existing building for 14 million pesos and 1.4 million pesos, respectively. Other measures may include biodegradable packaging to reduce single-use plastics and electric vehicles to promote sustainability to decrease CO2 emissions.  

At the same time, airlines are playing their part by switching to sustainable aviation fuel, and plans are in the pipeline to introduce hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft to short-haul flights. In Glasgow, Scotland, drones will soon deliver medical supplies and smaller packages to remote parts of the country, reducing the emissions used by conventional methods of transport – something that Puerto Vallarta airport may introduce. 

Investments In Puerto Vallarta

As the airport expands and visitor numbers increase, real estate investment opportunities in Puerto Vallarta continue to spiral upwards. 

The average property sale price is up 8% since 2021 and will remain strong for the remainder of 2022 and into the first quarter of 2023. Whether you are looking for an empty lot, a newly constructed condo, or an existing home or villa, the housing market in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit is flourishing. 

Puerto Vallarta Rentals

With the popularity of Puerto Vallarta showing no signs of slowing down, rental income from owning a second home makes good financial sense. From the South Shore and Conchas Chinas to up-and-coming neighborhoods such as Fluvial and Versalles, luxury villas and newly constructed condos offer a wide range of homes for sale and rent at competitive rates.

Be Part Of The Puerto Vallarta Success Story

At Puerto Vallarta Villas, we are proud partners in the success story of the municipality and the surrounding area. If your dream is to live, own a second home, or visit year after year, we can help you make those dreams come true by sharing our incredible portfolio of properties with you.

Browse our website, call in, or make an appointment to speak with one of our professional real estate agents today.      

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