Celebrating Independence Day: A great season of traditions in Mexico

Independence day is one of the most popular dates in the Mexican calendar year. Celebrated each year on the 16th of September, Mexicans, or anyone with an affinity for all things Mexican, observe independence day with family gatherings, fireworks, parties, food, dance, and music. 

Not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo, Independence day celebrates the moment when Father Hidalgo called for freedom from Spain in 1810. The rest is history, and the day is marked by a national holiday and nationwide celebrations. 

As well as being a national holiday on the 16th the month of September is a great time to visit Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, where plenty of activities are still available during the low season. Rents, tours, and excursions are reduced in price, allowing visitors to spend more of their budget enjoying the fruits of leisure, including eating out at some of Vallarta’s finest restaurants.

Here is a quick look at some of the best things to do In Puerto Vallarta and why September is a great month to visit:

  • Avoid the crowds:- While the low season is becoming shorter with every passing year, September is usually the quietest month with fewer crowds. Enjoy a less claustrophobic experience while walking along the Malecon or barefoot on the sandy beaches. 
  • Great rental opportunity:- September is the quietest month of the year, and many homeowners reduce the price of renting a villa or condo. At Puerto Vallarta Villas, we have knowledgeable and professional estate agents who will guide you toward the best deals to suit your requirements. 
  • Swimming and snorkeling:- Although an increased risk of tropical storms, September is one of the best months to enjoy the ocean, with warmer surface temperatures and flatter and calmer waves. 


  • Fishing:- Between September and December, the ocean fills with a large variety of fish ideal for sport fishing. During these quieter months, many tour operators offer cut-price deals. 
  • National Charro Day:- The 14th of September is National Charro Day, with Mexican cowboys and girls riding through the streets of Vallarta. The day ends with a street party that includes lasso demos, mariachi music, and dancing. 
  • Independence Day: While Mexican Independence day is on the 16th, the celebrations begin the day before, showcasing Mexican culture and a cry for Mexican Independence that includes fireworks and bell-ringing.  

Buy Your Dream Home And Enjoy Mexico And Puerto Vallarta

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