Isla Cuale, A Beautiful Oasis In Puerto Vallarta

The Isla del Rio Cuale is an enchanting island oasis in Puerto Vallarta that lies at the mouth of the Cuale River as it flows into the Pacific Ocean. Formed in 1926 after a hurricane caused the river to branch into two arms, the Isla Cuale is a place of tranquility where humans escape city life and mingle amongst a rich array of wildlife including, Iguanas, tropical birds, tlacuache (opossum), and the charming Cuale Island cats.

Originally known as Isla de Santa Clara & Isla de Los Niños – The Island of the Children, Cuale island is also home to a cultural center, local independent artists, music schools, artisan vendors, and restaurants.

As the river flows to the ocean, pedestrians and vehicles cross the river via two main road bridges, three swing footbridges, and the pedestrian La Iguana Bridge that connects the north end of the island to the Colonia of El Cerro (The Gringo Gulch).

Island Entertainment And Activities

Amongst the quiet placidity of nature, the Isla Cuale is steeped in rich cultural history and Mexican tradition. Here are a few unique activities that visitors to the island can enjoy:

  • Centro Cultural Vallartense: A shared cooperative of artists, creatives, environmentalists, neighbors, and citizens who love and are passionate about promoting and cultivating Mexican culture. The 100% community-based project is independent of government funding and supports many activities, including the upkeep and cleanliness of the island, free cinema showings, art classes, and musical entertainment.
  • Las Brazzas Bar and Restaurant: One of the oldest eateries on the island, Las Brazzas is situated at the foot of the La Iguana Bridge and offers traditional Mexican fare and arguably the best Margarita cocktail in Puerto Vallarta. The locally-owned restaurant has been in the same family for three generations and has a friendly, welcoming vibe.
  • Local artisanal market: As you stroll through the Isla, vendors selling Mexican arts and crafts will delight your eyes. Barter for the best price and return home with some incredible bargains.
  • Oscar’s: Situated at the mouth of the river as the island ends and the ocean begins, Oscar’s is a high-end restaurant, bar, and tequila distillery. Enjoy your meal overlooking the river or visit the distillery and sample a few tequilas while enjoying the incredible ocean view.
  • Ruffy’s Canine Cantina: Dog lovers will love this hidden gem and Isla Cuale’s newest edition. With two sizable play parks for large and small dogs to let loose off-leash, owners can sit back and enjoy a full-service restaurant (and top-notch cocktails), safe in the knowledge that fully-trained staff is supervising their furry family members.

Rental Apartments Overlooking the Isla Cuale

From the north end of the island to the golden sands of the ocean, there are several real estate rental opportunities available. As you look out your window or sit on your terrace, bask in the gentle sound of the river and view its many inhabitants as it flows to the deep blue yonder. Be amazed as the sparkling clear waters become a caramel-colored torrent during the rainy season as soil rich in minerals wash into the bay, bringing new life to Mother Nature’s stunning oasis.

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