Best Restaurants In Puerto Vallarta Zona Romántica

Puerto Vallarta is famed for its world-class cuisine and incredible fine dining. And with few rivals in Mexico, visitors and full-time residents are spoilt for choice. With an estimated 500-900 eateries to choose from, it would be easy to dine out in a different restaurant every day for a year and not be disappointed.

Puerto Vallarta is also home to several festivals celebrating food, hosting events such as Restaurant Week, International Gourmet Festival, PV Chili Cook-Off, and several taco tours throughout the city.

Of course, humans are creatures of habit, and when we find a handful of restaurants that we like, we tend to return to them time and again. Within Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romantica (Old Town Puerto Vallarta), there is a glut of mouthwatering restaurants from which to choose. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Zona Romantica that you will want to check out on your next visit to Old Town:

La Palapa Restaurant

One of Puerto Vallarta’s oldest and best restaurants, La Palapa is an elegant beach venue eatery serving delicious Mexican fare, including lobster tacos, ceviche, and coconut shrimp. Watch the sunset over the horizon as live music and sensational cocktails make for a perfect evening.

Kaiser Maximilian

Another old favorite. Situated in the Olas Altas area of Zona Romantica, Kaiser Maximilian presents European cuisine with an elegant Viennese twist that has delighted patrons for several years. White tablecloths, attention to detail, and world-class cuisine will have you returning for more.

Café de Olla

Cafe de Olla is Mexican gourmet meets traditional street food. This family-style restaurant is so good there are often lengthy queues. Cafe de Olla has vegetarian and vegan options and caters to most dietary requirements. Open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, be sure to arrive early; you will not be disappointed!


Mexican dining at its finest, Tintoque transforms traditional dishes into nouvelle cuisine. The restaurant was once a stylish residential home and has kept many distinguishable features. With breathtaking views of the river Cuale, Tintoque should be high on your list of must-go-to restaurants.

The Iguana Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Sitting above Cuale Island with stunning views of the city and Sierra Madre mountains, the former home of Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton has been transformed into a chic restaurant and bar. Fine dining and a mariachi band leave you with a memorable experience and a place where you can delve into Puerto Vallarta’s recent history.

Marisma Fish Taco

Serving some of the best fish tacos in Puerto Vallarta, Marisma Fish Taco is a regular stop for many of the city’s taco tours. The family-run business sits on the edge of Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romantica. However, the extra walk to get there is well worth it. Truly one of Mexico’s finest street acquisitions.

Living In Puerto Vallarta

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