Puerto Vallarta. Retirement In Paradise

If you plan on retiring to Mexico, Banderas Bay is an ideal location and has everything you could ever wish to have. With an estimated 35,000 – 40,000 ex-pats already living there, you won’t be alone or disappointed. Situated right in the heart of the bay, with a cosmopolitan vibe and a generous splash of traditional Mexican color, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular areas for retirees.

Within its Old Town, restaurants, art galleries, and artisan stores fill the bustling cobbled streets, while golden sands and the warm waters of the Pacific await weary feet in need of some ocean therapy.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta?

There are many reasons retirement in Puerto Vallarta is so attractive. Perhaps the number one objective for retirees is the overall cost of living, with the United States being up to 107% more expensive than Mexico. The cost of food, personal care, and housing makes Mexico an attractive retirement option, and with daily flights to the US and Canada, traveling home to visit family takes just a few hours.

Glorious Weather

Puerto Vallarta has near-flawless weather year-round. With balmy summers and temperate winters, relaxing on the beach with sand between your toes is a perfect retirement activity. Enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine as the sun fades from view igniting the sky with a feverish glow. During the summer, distant lightning storms illuminate the night sky with a scintillating show of raw nature.

Adventure In Nature Or Relaxation

For the intrepid retiree, Puerto Vallarta’s location snuggled between the jungle and the Pacific Ocean presents you with a playground of adventure and natural beauty. Breathe in the fresh mountain air by booking a hiking, biking, or canopy tour. Alternatively, an excursion watching dolphins, manta rays, and whales is an incredible outing; the sea breeze caressing your skin as you glide through the undulating waves of the deep blue yonder. If adventurism is not for you, relax on a sun lounger and watch as the tide slowly washes over the sand. Puerto Vallarta is the best of both worlds!

Real Estate In Puerto Vallarta

Compared to the United States, Canada, and Europe, real estate in Mexico is relatively affordable and offers superb value for money. The availability of new builds, condominiums and traditional Mexican homes gives Puerto Vallarta a competitive edge in a buoyant housing market. To achieve your retirement dream of living in Mexico, a reputable estate agent such as Puerto Vallarta Villas can advise and guide you through the pitfalls of purchasing your retirement home. We have an extensive portfolio showcasing some of the best properties in Banderas Bay.

Call us today for an appointment, or visit our webpage to view your dream home in Puerto Vallarta.

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