Summer in Puerto Vallarta: A Tropical Paradise

We all know and love Puerto Vallarta as a warm winter getaway, but not many realize that it’s a tropical gem during the summer months.

Vallarta’s peak tourist season is from November to April and it’s no surprise. The weather is about as perfect as it gets; with warm, sunny days and breezy comfortable evenings. There are so many things to do for those who love water activities or tours, and so much time to relax in the sun for those who prefer to take it easy. 

But did you know that Vallarta is also a fantastic place to visit in the summer months? Sure, the temperatures rise and so does the humidity index, but we can think of a multitude of reasons to book a trip in the hottest months of the year.j 

Warm Waves 

Maybe you love the idea of snorkeling through schools of colorful tropical fish or learning to surf your very first wave, but the ocean just seems downright chilly during the winter months. If you come in July, you’ll find the water inviting and warm.  

Family Fun 

Let’s face it, it isn’t always easy to get away for a fun family vacation during the winter months. Children are in school and families tend to have an abundance of commitments during the school year. Why not travel on the off season when children are on summer break? Not only that, many resorts, hotels and tour companies offer children’s programs that make an extra-special holiday for your littlest travelers. 

Tranquil Town 

Vallarta’s summer months tend to be less crowded, since it is considered low season for tourism. There will be the opportunity for some great deals in hotels and flights as well. You also may have a bit more peace and quiet than you would during the winter, depending on where you book.  

Nature’s Light Show 

June to October is rainy season in Vallarta. That means hot, sunny, humid days and spectacular rains in the evening and night. You’ll spend your days in the ocean or poolside and then cool off in the evenings while watching the dazzling electric storms that light up the entire bay. 

Jungle Life 

There is nothing more breathtaking than Vallarta during the rainy season. The entire bay is green and lush, with a variety of jungle foliage on display. An abundance of tropical fruit is in season, such as several kinds of mango – so delicious and refreshing! 

Puerto Vallarta is always a great option to get away from your day-to-day, but it’s often overlooked as a summer destination. If you’ve wondered what a true tropical paradise is like, you might want to try it out.

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