Puerto Vallarta Prepares for Your Safety: COVID-19 Protocols Explained

Is it safe to resume expat living in Puerto Vallarta? Is it time to get back to investing in real estate and development in the area?

Mexican authorities, and especially Jalisco and Nayarit authorities are working hard to deliver safety measures, ensuring the safety of visitors.  Finally, Indicators are trending in a positive direction and COVID-19 risks are decreasing daily.  Ready to jump in?

Some of the best strategies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Temperature screening at passenger entry and exit.
  • Limiting access to companions, unless clearly justified.
  • Safe ‘social’ distancing during documentation, with baggage  handling, boarding and disembarking
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers around facilities
  • Prioritizing walking at boarding and disembarking

Locals are eager to welcome tourists again and have been working diligently  to ensure the safety and wellness of its visitors. In addition to employing these exhaustive wellness and safety protocols, properties are fully prepared to assist all travelers who require COVID-19 testing prior to their departure.

Some tips to safeguard the visitor, and assure a pleasant stay: 

  • Know the testing protocols in the area – Without a doubt, testing is sure to be part of the new normal in the foreseeable future.   Select hotels and resorts offer testing for your convenience, so it is recommended you call ahead to inquire on the accommodations.  If your destination does  not offer such amenities, testing is abundantly available throughout Puerto Vallarta at other locations,  COVID Testing Providers
  • Masks mandatory or recommended – Strolling down the Malecon, spending a relaxing day at Los Muertos Beach, or meandering through Centro as you consider what to buy, what to do all sound like great ways to spend a day.  While Mexico does not have a mandatory masking requirement in public, you will be welcomed openly with a mask.  Masking is required in some establishments,  such as supermarkets, convenience stores, churches, offices, and other enclosed establishments, so be prepared.
  • Social Distancing – It is encouraged citizens and visitors alike practice social distancing in public areas.  Remember to practice social distancing in the areas where masking is required – supermarkets, convenience stores, churches, offices, and other enclosed areas.

As the world is eager to return to a sense of normalcy, the region of Puerto Vallarta is awaiting the return of visitors.  Assess the strategy, take precautions and have a plan, and most importantly, enjoy the experience.

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