Summer in Puerto Vallarta: A Storm-Lover’s Paradise

Have you ever witnessed one of Puerto Vallarta’s magnificent tropical thunder and lightning storms? While many visitors choose to stay away from the Mexican pacific coast during the summer because of horror stories of heat and humidity, what many don’t know is that summer in Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic time to visit for all kinds of reasons!

First off, precisely because of the fact that tourism slows during the spring and summer seasons in Puerto Vallarta, beaches and restaurants tend to be much quieter and relaxing than during peak tourism seasons like autumn and winter. Plus, around this time many restaurants and excursions offer great discounts and promotions. If you’re someone who likes to enjoy low key vacations while getting great deals on all kinds of fun activities, then the summer season is for you!

Puerto Vallarta businesses and restaurants are taking all necessary safety precautions when it comes to sanitation and hygiene.

Another unique thing about visiting Puerto Vallarta in the summer is the opportunity to experience some of the most incredible lightning and thunderstorms. Sitting at your private oceanfront luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta watching the lightning dance over the ocean and above the mountains accompanied by the drumming of thunder is something you’ll never forget, and it’ll keep you coming back to Puerto Vallarta every summer season for more!

Although weather networks can show days and days of nothing but rain and storms, what most people don’t know is that weather radar is actually confused by the amount of humidity in the air and registers it as rain. However, summer days in Puerto Vallarta usually consist of a brisk and refreshing rain in the morning, followed by a day of sunshine, then more refreshing rain in the evening. It’s really quite nice!

Come enjoy the blissfulness of summer in paradise on the Pacific!

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