5 Top Must-Visit Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

Among the many things Puerto Vallarta is known for, its spectacular art scene tends to shine particularly bright. The city is home to mesmerizing architecture, astounding street art and a wide variety of art galleries for both beginner art-enthusiasts and experienced connoisseurs to explore.

Below are our recommended top 10 must-visit art galleries in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t forget to plan a day while on vacation to explore the city’s art. You won’t regret it!

  1. Galeria Uno: In the heart of Puerto Vallarta Centro, this two-story gallery is chalked full of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and the occasional jewelry collection.
  2. Galleria Dante: While trendy Basilio Badillo street is home to a variety of amazing galleries and jewelers, Galleria Dante is without a doubt one of the most interesting with 8 exhibition rooms and hundreds of works from over 50 artists.
  3. Eccentrica Boutique: Just two doors down from Galleria Dante on Basilio Badillo, this little boutique/gallery is chalked full of some of the most spectacular crystal jewelry statement pieces you’ll ever see.
  4. Galeria Demetro: Some of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous sculptures are Demetro pieces, including the boys playing trying to pull the donkey in Lázaro Cardenas park in front of the gallery. Plus, the gallery is now paired with A Page in the Sun Coffee Shop, go for art, stay for lunch, coffee, and a new book!
  5. OPC: With rotating exhibitions by local and visiting artists, and workshops open to the public, OPC is a popular spot for art collectors, curious visitors, aspiring artists, and the local art scene.

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