Puerto Vallarta: An Authentic Mexican Street Food Experience

Traditional Mexican cuisine has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity for its integral aspect at the cultural level. This is not only because it involves specific ingredients or preparation methods, but also because agrarian processes, and at times even social rituals, are an invaluable part of the cultivation that ultimately results in each ingredient completing its journey into each dish.

These traditions have slowly been modernized and fused with methods and ingredients from all over the world, which has created a wide offer of world-glass gastronomy all over the country; including Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit. The area is teeming with extraordinary haute cuisine and gourmet experiences.

However, no Mexican vacation would be complete without an authentic Mexican street food experience. Trust us, you will not regret tasting these Mexican delicacies. In fact, Mexican street food tends to make visitors fall even more in love with Puerto Vallarta.

Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular and most delicious Mexican street food dishes:


A Jalisco classic that consists of lamb meat – or in some regions, goat meat – doused in a special savory sauce and then baked underground after being covered with maguey leaves. It is served with the broth and in tacos. This dish is usually only found in the morning and is a popular breakfast/hangover meal – particularly on Sundays.

Pescado “Embarazado”

This dish translates directly to “Pregnant Fish”. This delicious typical Vallarta snack consists of fish fillet – and sometimes shrimp – that are marinated in a guajillo chile sauce with achiote, butter and garlic. Its peculiar name is a play on words that refers to being placed on a skewer to later be roasted on charcoal.

Tacos de Cabeza

Yes, these are head tacos. The beef head is marinated and braised in a savory broth for several hours, which results in extremely tender meat that is served with red or green salsa, cilantro, and onion in freshly made corn tacos. These, like birria, are usually accompanied by the broth in which the meat was cooked.


Carnitas consist of deep-frying pork meat in its own fat. While this may not sound extremely appealing at first, this seemingly simple delicacy has incredible flavor. Carnitas are usually served in corn tortilla tacos, garnished with chopped onions and cilantro, and salsa. Again, these are also mostly found in the mornings, particularly on Sundays.


Resembling elongated donuts, these deliciously crunchy deep-fried breadsticks are nothing short of delightful. They are doused in cinnamon and sugar, and then sometimes filled with Rompope, Nutella, Cajeta, dulce de leche, etc.

There are all kinds of delicious street food dishes to discover while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t forget to try Mexican corn, crepes, fried plantain, prepared Tostitos, and so much more! Head on down to the Malecon during the evening to enjoy all kinds of Mexican snacks.

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