7 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta to Escape the Summer Heat

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place to visit all year-round. Contrary to popular belief, the summer season in Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful time to pay this tropical paradise a visit. Although it is quite warm, and the humidity can be a bit fierce for those who aren’t used to it, there is a long list things to do in Puerto Vallarta to escape the summer heat.

  1. Head to a river. Puerto Vallarta is home to several wonderful river spots with natural shady spots and cool refreshing water to lounge in. Grab some snacks, towels and your bathing suits, and don’t forget bug spray!
  2. Go to a movie. Summer season in Puerto Vallarta also means that there will be some rain. Although the rain doesn’t last all day (there are almost always hours of sun daily), it’s good to have a backup plan if it does rain. Plus, the theatres have A/C.
  3. Go on a day-trip. There are beautiful spots up in the mountains that often offer a cooler climate than down by the ocean. Consider paying a visit to a little town like San Sebastian del Oeste or Mascota.
  4. Storm-watching. Hunker down and get ready some unforgettable storm-watching in Puerto Vallarta. The bay offers magnificent lightning shows and thunder storms.
  5. Head out on a tour. Most Puerto Vallarta tours offer special rates during summer season. If you like to get dirty, an ATV tour is highly recommended during the summer season.
  6. Catch a sunset. The humidity and heat make for spectacularly colorful sunsets. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy.
  7. Spend a day at your private pool. The great thing about a private luxury vacation rental or villa in Puerto Vallarta is the fact that you never really even need to leave your spot if you don’t want to. Spend a day lounging in the pool with food and drinks and enjoy the tropical paradise that is Puerto Vallarta.

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