Puerto Vallarta’s Voladores de Papantla Ritual

Previous visitors to Puerto Vallarta have most likely caught sight of the spectacular ritual that takes place on the Malecon boardwalk at least once daily. The adrenaline-inducing ritual dates back to Mesoamerican times and is an original cultural tradition of the Totonic peoples of Veracruz. Visiting Puerto Vallarta, provides you with the lucky opportunity to see an ancient ritual performed right before your eyes that is sure to leave you in awe.

The tradition is related to common reoccurring themes when it comes to Mesoamerican rituals: harvest and fertility. The ritual was designed to appease the rain and sun gods, to end severe draught and increase harvest.

During the ritual, you watch five men dressed in stunning costumes climb up a 150-foot pole. Four of the men proceed to tie themselves with ropes, while the fifth sits in the center at the top of the pole and plays his flute, sings, or bangs a drum. The four men who tie themselves in with rope, represent the Earth’s cardinal directions and elements. They then launch themselves backwards off the top platform, and complete 13 rotations each while spinning upside-down around the pole. The total number of rotations between each flyer equals 52 – representative of the Aztec calendar cycle.

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