For Adrenaline Lovers: Down Puerto Vallarta

There are many of us who enjoy a good dose of adrenaline, without necessarily having to put our lives on the line. Puerto Vallarta is a great place to find all kind of adrenaline-inducing events!

One of the most exciting of all is an astounding professional downhill mountain biking competition. For the 3rd year in a row, Down Puerto Vallarta will be leaving viewers in awe as we witness extreme sports right up close. From the mountain top all the way to the sea, a unique course is built through the streets and alleyways of Puerto Vallarta.

Down Puerto Vallarta isn’t just about speed, it’s about style too. Riders are judged on speed and form as they race downhill in front of thousands of spectators. This event is most definitely not one to be missed if you’re someone who enjoys extreme sports, adrenaline, and the beauty of Puerto Vallarta!

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