3 Puerto Vallarta Day Trips That Are Not to Be Missed

A luxury vacation in Puerto Vallarta is the perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories with your family and loved ones. This is not only because of all the world-class amenities available within the area, but because the surrounding areas are full of remarkable places to explore and spend the day.

Below are three of our favorite places to take day trip when vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, and we’re very sure they’ll easily become some of your favorite places too!

Sayulita – 35 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta by car or bus, Sayulita, Nayarit is the surf town consisting of everything that dreams are made of. Spend your day at one of the many excellent beach clubs, tasting delicious cuisine at one of the many restaurants, and shopping your way through the many chic boutiques and souvenir shops while you stroll around this picturesque Magic Village in Nayarit.

Playa Los Caballos: Casitas Maraika – Casitas Maraika is an exclusive beach club that is only reached by boat or on foot. Hike your way along the stunning southern Puerto Vallarta coastline from Boca de Tomatlan, taking around one hour give or take, or hop on one of the many water taxis headed to the beaches along the southern coast. Be sure to make a reservation – we aren’t kidding, this place is about as trendy as it gets when it comes to modern beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Yelapa – Also found on the southern coast of Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa is a remote little fishing village that is only accessible by boat. When was the last place you visited a place with no cars or roads? There is something so charming about visiting this village that you’ll find yourself wanting to go back time and time again. Hike up through the small village to the picturesque Yelapa waterfall, or head to Chicos Yelapa Beach Club to spend an unforgettable day on the beach.

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