What Sets Puerto Vallarta Apart As One of the Top Destinations in Mexico?

It’s no secret that there are a plentitude of jaw-dropping destinations in Mexico. You can find just about any landscape in the country, and there are cities and towns around every corner that have something unique to offer a visitor. However, there are things that set Puerto Vallarta apart to the extent that it has been nominated time and time again as one of the best cities in Mexico to vacation and to live.

The thing that sets Puerto Vallarta apart, is the fact that you have access to all kinds of amenities you’d find in a big city without truly being in a big city at all. Vallarta is home to world-class gastronomy, spectacular nightlife and shopping. There is a VIP movie theatre with reclining seats and table service right in the theater, multiple shopping centers featuring top international brands, weekly farmer’s and artisanal markets, state of the art spas, and so much more.

Very few places in the world have managed to maintain such charm while incorporating modern amenities and infrastructure. Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta truly does merge the best of two worlds: modern luxury and charming tropical beach town. There are a never-ending amount of beaches to explore, food to taste, margaritas to drink, and of course, where better to be at the end of the day than at your very own private luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has all your bases covered when it comes to a luxury vacation in Mexico. Not only are there a wide variety of luxury vacation rentals, but here at Puerto Vallarta Villas we list only the best private luxury villa rentals in the city.

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