Experience the Magic of Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Without a doubt there is a magic to spending Christmas by the fireplace with your loved ones. Cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate or cider is always the quintessential way to spend the winter holidays. However, there is a whole different kind of magic to spending Christmas with your family and friends in a luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta with a tropical beverage in hand. Picture it: sun bathing on Christmas, and not having to worry about bundling up at all.

Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta during the Christmas season gives you more than just the opportunity to escape from the cold. The month of December is full of unique Mexican cultural traditions that you’ll only get the chance to experience during the holiday season. Get an inside experience of lively holiday festivities known as Posadas, colorful Christmas decorations, pilgrimages to the iconic Virgen De Guadalupe Parish, and so much more!

There is also so much to be said about the exquisite Mexican cuisine that is available in abundance during this season. Tamales, handmade donuts, churros, punch, hot chocolate, and so much more will be available at restaurants and at the weekly street food markets. If you someone who loves to cook, and enjoys preparing Christmas dinner for your family and friends, then a luxury vacation rental or villa rental is perfect for you, because you’ll have access to your very own complete luxury kitchen! If you prefer not to cook, never fear! Puerto Vallarta Villas offers a concierge and private chef services so that you can enjoy the perfect Christmas celebration, without even lifting a finger.

Book your private luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta for a luxury Christmas vacation in Mexico before it’s too late! Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss Christmas in paradise. See our listings.

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