Celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day The Most Traditional Mexican Cuisine

The season has arrived in Puerto Vallarta when some of the top gourmet restaurants in the region are preparing of the most traditional dishes in the history of the country: Chiles en Nogada. This dish is typically only available during the months of August and September, not only because it’s prepared with seasonal ingredients but it also lines up perfectly with Mexico’s Independence day on September 15th.

The history of the dish begins in Puebla, Mexico, where in convents where nuns began to serve chiles drenched in a creamy walnut sauce. In the year 1821, the dish was perfected and evolved into a typical Mexican meal that was served to an Independence general, Agustín de Iturbide, as he passed through the town after signing the Treaty of Córdoba. The general later became the reason why the dish was forever more considered one of the most representative dishes of the country.

The original dish consists of a Poblano pepper, stuffed with apples, pears, peaches and candied cactus or pine nuts. It is then drenched in a delicious Nogada sauce made from Castillo nuts. They are often fried in egg batter, and served at room temperature topped with pomegranate seads.

Not only is this typical Mexican cuisine mouthwateringly delicious, it also represents Mexico in a very special way: through color. All the colors of the Mexican flag are found in this dish, and many traditional seasonal ingredients are used to evoke the spirit of Mexico in every bite.

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