5 Non-Mexican Food Restaurants You’re Going to Want to Try in Puerto Vallarta

There is no arguing that the spectacular Mexican food is without a doubt one of the most exciting things about visiting Puerto Vallarta. However, Puerto Vallarta’s offer of fabulous gastronomy doesn’t stop at just Mexican food, it goes way beyond that to offer delicious food from around the world.

Here are 5 non-Mexican food restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that you should definitely check out:

Archie’s Wok (Thai): Archie’s Wok is a wonderful, air-conditioned Thai food restaurant steps away from Los Muerto’s Pier in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone. They are a longstanding favorite in the area and are known for their deliciously vibrant and original dishes.

L’angolo di Napoli (Italian): If you’re craving fantastic Italian, with the traditional wood fired oven and the occasional shout from the kitchen then you’re in for a treat! Mouthwatering thin-crust pizza, fresh pastas, and of course, vino make this little family-owned restaurant one of our faves.

La Cigale (French): It might be hard to believe, but yes there is a great French food restaurant downtown Puerto Vallarta. Step into Paris for a few hours while you enjoy a delicious glass of wine and a romantic dinner in this cozy French bistro 2 blocks from the Malecon.

Katana Sushi & Bar (Japanese Fusion): Sometimes, we’ve just gotta get our sushi fix. Katana offers fresh, mouthwatering and original sushi options with just enough Mexican fusion to make them a fun new experience. Plus, they’ve got an astounding cocktail bar.

OPA Bistro (Greek): Very new the Vallarta scene, however it brings a type of cuisine that was virtually non-existent before: Greek food. What’s not to love about tzatziki, hummus, fresh pita, lamb chops, and all kinds of other drool-worthy dishes? And yes, the owner is actually Greek.

There are many different extraordinary things to experience in Puerto Vallarta. Food, history, culture, tours, beaches, and much more come together to create a place that can only be known as paradise. Contact Puerto Vallarta Villas to learn more about the beautiful private luxury vacation rentals and luxury villa we offer to guests so that they can experience the vacation of a life time.

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