3 Movies that Were Filmed in Puerto Vallarta

We all know that John Huston’s Night of the Iguana was the first movie to be filmed in Puerto Vallarta, and is actually what caused the boom that has led to the Puerto Vallarta that we know today. But did you know that this once quaint little fishing village has actually been home to plenty more movie and camera crews over the years?

Extravagant luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta, along with beautiful cobblestone streets, sky-scraping palm trees and the perfect fusion of ocean and jungle have made this place a favorite for directors and celebrities alike.

Here are 5 movies you may not have known were filmed in Puerto Vallarta:

The Domino Principal (1977) Directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Gene Hackman, Candice Bergan and others, this 1970s thriller features scenes in areas of Vallarta such as the Malecon, the main plaza, and out towards Los Arcos and the Romantic Zone as well.

Predator (1987) Arnold Schwarzeneggar fellow star Jesse Ventura star in this American action/science fiction movie filmed in jungle areas surrounding Boca de Tomatlán and the area that is now known as El Edén.

Limitless (2011) Yes, Bradley Cooper was here in Puerto Vallarta filming Limitless! Scenes shot in Puerto Vallarta include a high-speed car chase on the Malecon, diving off Las Islas Marietas, and one of the private luxury villas here in the city among other places.

These are only three of the many movies that have been filmed here in paradise. And it’s safe to assume that there will be many more to come!

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