Paradise Under the Sea: Diving in Puerto Vallarta

Discover new sensations. Fill your sight with an array of color. Contemplate the way light bathes everything in different ways at different angles, and how the air is always blowing at different speeds and your body and mind’s reactions to all the above. These experiences, and many others is part of the reason why we love to travel.

Getting used to a new rhythm and living a different life for a few days add to the natural charm of being in a different environment. It finally allows us to be someone else for at least just a little while.

What if, in those little moment when you’re distant from everyday reality, you find your new life passion? Stop hesitating and hurry into a luxury vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta to discover who you are while on vacation, and away from the hustle and bustle of busy daily life.

Another not-to-be-missed adventure when travelling to this paradise is found below the sea’s surface. Puerto Vallarta is an ideal diving destination.

Up until around a century ago, Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding region consisted of small fishing villages that barely stood out among the lush vegetation of the jungle. The oldest settlers used to live only from the sea and learned to know it and its ways. This knowledge is capitalized upon with the tourism boom and transformed into unique experiences that combine nature with everything that luxury can provide.

If the adventure of discovering what the marine surface hides allures you, then you will surely enjoy Los Anegados, an ideal spot for diving with caverns and rock formations in the open sea that is recommended for more experienced divers. With an average depth of 30 feet, you can also find some areas where you can dive up to 24 meters to observe the diversity of species present in the area. Expect octopus, eels, pelagic fish, manta rays and if you are lucky, even a shark (don’t worry, they’re harmless).

If this is the first time you dive, you can try some other diving areas that are more in line with your experience. But do not be discouraged. In Puerto Vallarta you will find a wide variety of experiences for all tastes and interests that will allow you to spend the best vacation of your life while you stay in the vacation home of your dreams.

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