The Perks of a Vacation Rental over a Resort or Hotel

There are many reasons why we are constantly yearning for our vacations. From discovering new adventures, spending time with our loved ones, to take a break from the intensity of daily routines or simply having the opportunity to spend a few hours doing what the ancients referred to as “worshipping the sun”.

Every year there are new options when it comes to enjoying a vacation exactly the way you want it, so we’ve decided to share some of the perks of a vacation rental over a resort or hotel:

You have it any way you want it. The number of vacation accommodation options have multiplied with the increasing interest in this world-class destination. If you keep going back to the all-inclusive resort kind of vacation you will continue to miss out on the full spectrum of gastronomy and things to experience in this paradise. If you are stay a little more long-term, or in a big group, you can count out the option of entertaining guests yourself. Plus, you won’t get the opportunity to create some of your regular dishes with the flare of fresh local ingredients or the assistance of service staff that every holiday home has at your disposal.

In whatever vibe you want. We have all suffered when other guests at a resort forget about limitations to festive spirit when all you want to do is relax and rest. On the other hand, having your own space that you have rented for yourself and your guests will allow you to enjoy your time as you wish and lets you decide just when you’ve had enough fun.

With whoever you want. Privacy is undoubtedly a very important benefit to booking a vacation rental. You get decide who you are staying with, in addition to having amazing open common spaces to strengthen the ties between you and your guests, while being out of the eyes of strangers. You could maybe even sneak away and share a moment alone with your partner without being interrupted by a curious child in search of his missing mother.

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