Discover the Magic of Puerto Vallarta as a Couple

Puerto Vallarta, as one of the top destinations in all of Mexico, offers something for every kind of visitor; and couples are no exception. Enjoying a vacation with the person you love most is an opportunity to strengthen ties and remember why you decided to spend your life with them, or venture into taking the next step in your relationship.

Staying at a luxury vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta, will allow you to have your very own space outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. In this space you can take the time to show you how much you care and fix all of those little details that we often forget to pay attention to when we’re busy in our daily lives.

Plus, this Mexican paradise has a variety of activities to suit all tastes and needs. Here are some of the most romantic activities to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta:

Enjoy the natural landscape of the region. Remember those amazing moments when you just began to date and you used to lose yourselves hand in hand with not a care in the world other than their company? Imagine reliving those moments with a beautiful backdrop of lush vegetation in our surrounding jungle. Maybe book a guided tour, or a boat ride to witness majestic the marine life along the coast with the most special person in your life.

A day on the beach. Looking for a private beach to share a few hours under the rays of the sun doesn’t sound too bad either does it? Bring along some refreshing beverages and some snacks and spend your day admiring your partner while feeling the stillness of your environment. Nothing will distract you from their presence except for the waves of the sea, and a fantastic sunset in Puerto Vallarta that is a spectacle all in itself.

Awaken your senses. Schedule a spa treatment where your senses will rekindle with the local magic. Experience utmost relaxation and end your day embraced by your special person while the warm breeze caresses your skin. Awaken your tastes, sights and smells with a romantic dinner at one of the extraordinary restaurants in Puerto Vallarta as another way to feel the sensuality inherent in these lands that will surely help you to strengthen your bond of love.

Think no more! Book a luxurious vacation home that Puerto Vallarta Villas puts at your disposal to come and enjoy these and many more experiences that you can have in Mexico next to your life partner.

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