Forget About the Cold in Puerto Vallarta 

There are still a good six week before the beginning of spring, and in several areas of the world recorded temperatures have been lower than seen in a very long time. After a while of trying to escape the cold and seeking shelter in the warmth of your home, how would you feel on a warm beach in the sunshine in Puerto Vallarta?

This is the perfect time to come and relax in this paradise that is western Mexico. Enjoy its beaches and water activities, immerse yourself in its culture and enjoy its nightlife while you spend your days relaxing at a luxury vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta.

If one of your things is to get in touch with marine life, then you’re in luck because it’s the season to admire the humpback whales that roam our coastlines as a part of their reproductive cycle. If you are really lucky, you may even hear the song that males sing to find their mate, which in addition to being the strongest sound to be emitted by any animal, has also be categorized as one of the most beautiful songs.

You are also on time to book a fishing trip to go in search of mahi mahi, wahoo, or roosterfish. Test your patience with a fishing rod, or your ability to spear fish.

Locals are more than accustomed to mercury rising in their thermometers. They live their winters out with mild temperatures in the month of February that hover between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16-26 C). So, if you’re accustomed to winters full of snowstorms, you will absolutely love vacationing during this time in Banderas Bay.

Stop thinking about it and get away from the cold! Book your luxurious vacation home and enjoy everything that Puerto Vallarta has to offer at this time, and throughout the year.

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