The Best Local Spots in Puerto Vallarta

A vacation near the beach in a comfortable luxury vacation rental is one of the best ways to relax and recuperate. From enjoying the warm weather to admiring the views of sparkling clear water, Puerto Vallarta is a fabulous place to take some time off. While you´re there, you can enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking, amongst many other outdoor adventures. But, besides all the adventure and fun to be had outdoors, there are a few indoor beauties that you will want to see.

To help give you an idea of what to do while in town, these following Puerto Vallarta spots are must-visit places that you will want to check out:

  • A Page in the Sun: Do you like reading and visiting lovely little cafes that make you want to spend hours reading and just “chillin?” A Page in the Sun is one of the best places for escaping into a world of fantasy and fiction while enjoying the great weather in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you want to read in English or practice reading in Spanish, there is plenty of variety at this charming spot that serves excellent coffee while providing you with plenty of reading material for your vacation.
  • Museo del Cuale: If you’re a culture buff and want to learn more about Mexican history-especially in this area-then head on over to Museo del Cuale. Located on Isla del Rio Cuale, you will find this museum to be a rewarding experience where you can admire permanent exhibitions, as well as temporary ones. You will learn about pre-Hispanic life, Chupicuaro tradition, ancient religion, the Spanish conquest, and much more. (Currently the museum is undergoing some remodelling. Be sure to check in with them before planning your visit.)
  • Playa Detox: If you’re in the mood for some healthy treats, you’ll want to stop on by Playa Detox. It’s a beautiful, new vegan restaurant that offers amazing, fresh alternatives to local dishes that you may know and love.
  • Vallarta Botanical Gardens: A great place for enjoying the beauty of plats and flowers in one place, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens give you a chance to take a break from the busier part of the city and escape into a lovely haven with koi fish ponds, an orchid house, and more.

As you consider staying at one of the best vacation houses for rent in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll discover that Puerto Vallarta is a great place to vacation. From the small-town feel that helps you to feel relaxed to the fun places to visit, it’s a paradise that you’ll never get bored of. Contact us today to find out more information on places to visit in Puerto Vallarta.

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