Learn How to Surf on Your Mexican Vacation

You are planning your vacation. The flights are bought, the destination is great, and you are ready for some fun in the sun. As you consider your luxury vacation rental, you may also be preparing activities that you want to do while in the Riviera Nayarit area.

You will most likely have plenty of fun lounging at the beach or going on tours, but there is something that you may have never considered doing in Mexico: learn how to surf.  The Pacific Ocean is a great place to start and many surfers come to Mexico to catch some great waves.

If you have never tried to surf before, you may find the waves to be a bit challenging for you in certain areas, but there is one town that is well-known for its surfing lessons and where many locals go to get their feet wet in one of the best ocean sports.

Learn in Sayulita

Sayulita is a town near Puerto Vallarta that is well-known for yoga and surf. It’s a place that is full of restaurants with great food and fun-loving people that come to have a good time. It is also where you can find plenty of instructors ready to give you your first surf lesson.

While there are great breaks for the seasoned surfer, there is a spot that you’ll find in front of Sayulita town that provides beginners with calmer waves to learn on. The sand bottom ensures that if newbies fall, they won’t get hurt, unlike in some other areas where experienced surfers go to play.

Learning how to surf is a great use of your time while visiting and staying at a vacation home in the area. You may not be able to become a pro in just a few days, but you’ll be sure to learn how to at least stand up on a board in the water.

Some great schools are Patricia’s Surf School, Sayulita Surf School, and Lunaazul Surf School to name a few. Check out the one that you prefer and happy surfing. After every day of “hard work” learning to surf, go back to your luxury rental and relax in the knowledge that you’re spending your time well.

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