When to rent in PV? Summertime!

You may wonder when is the best time to rent a gorgeous property in Puerto Vallarta? We’ll tell you! Summer is a fabulous time for escaping to one of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations and a great time to get some quality time in the sun.

Why rent a vacation property in the summer?

While the weather is nearly always warm in Puerto Vallarta, summer is when you can expect warm days with blue skies, plenty of festivals and activities, a lot of international people, and a plethora of things to do.

While there are several resorts in the area, because summer is such a fantastic time to visit Puerto Vallarta, you may find them busier than ever and packed with tourists. If you were hoping for a more relaxed and private vacation, vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta are the perfect option for making a “home away from home.”

If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta with your family in the summer, you will find many events geared towards children. You can be sure that they will enjoy the plethora of beach fun to be had in the area and best of all, a spacious home to return to that will be comfortable for relaxing as a family at the end of the day.

For couples who are looking to get away on a romantic vacation, what better plan could you make than to stay at a gorgeous private apartment with views that you haven’t seen in years? Whether you want to go sailing together, watch the sunset, go horseback riding, or even go on adventures in the jungle, Puerto Vallarta will undoubtedly help you rekindle your spark.

Summer is also a good time to enjoy events. From LGBTQ festivals to cycling competitions and gourmet food events, there is always fun to be had in Puerto Vallarta, no matter which season you visit. Fruit festivals, yoga classes, and music festivals can all be expected every summer in the Vallarta-Nayarit area. From surfing to fishing and more, summer-and any time of the year-in Puerto Vallarta is where it’s at.

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